Veteran of the Year

     The Putnam County Veterans Service Commission will be hosting the sixth Annual Veteran of the Year. This event will recognize a Putnam County Veteran that has been nominated and selected for "Veteran of the Year." Nomination applications can be found at the link above.

            At this time we are welcoming nominations for the selection of the 2020 Putnam County Veteran of the Year. The prerequisites for nominating are:


  1. Nominee must be an Honorably Discharged Veteran of any era, any age, race or gender that served in the military for other than training purposes only and has a DD FM 214.

  2. Veteran nominated must reside in Putnam County.

  3. Must have performed community volunteer service and/or veterans’ outreach service.

  4. Veteran nominated does not have to be a member of any veterans post and/or chapter.

  5. Veteran nominated must be willing to participate in Recognition Dinner* held in October. *Recognition Dinner for 2020 has been canceled due to COVID19 but we are still recognizing the Veteran of the Year with his or her family at a place to be determined.

            Potential nominees may be individuals who do prominent volunteer work for veterans and civic programs in Putnam County and all of Ohio. This distinguished service does not necessarily mean hours spent at the VA or local veterans posts or chapters but rather the selfless serving of thyself through any community service to better the lives of veterans and citizens of Putnam County and the state of Ohio.

      The Veterans Service Commission of Putnam County MUST receive all nomination applications as soon as possible. NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 6th @ 4PM. There will be no exceptions.

       The Veterans Service Commission of Putnam County will sponsor this event. Nominations will be reviewed by the Commissioners and the Staff who then select the Putnam County Veteran of the Year for 2020 (Present Putnam County Veterans Commissioners and Staff are ineligible for nomination).

      If you have any further questions or need to determine eligibility of a veteran please feel free to contact the office by clicking here.




For Vietnam recognition photos see our facebook page Here.

For News coverage click Here.



For Vietnam recognition photos see our facebook page Here.

For News coverage click Here.





This picture was taken at Putnam County Veteran of the Year dinner of 2015 Veteran of the Year Walter Trenkamp, and fellow nominees; Alvin “Dick” Schroeder, Thaddeus Schroeder and (back) Daniel Swick, Paul Vaughn, Thomas Rosenbauer and Gary Baxter. Also included in the picture is the guest speaker chief operating office of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services Timothy Espich.